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AFT5 Feedback Page Hidden Post Text Tweaks
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When a monitor hides a post, we now hide it from readers, but we display a gray mask over the post for monitors/hiders. That post now says "Hidden by administrator action."

We would like it to say instead:
"Hidden by an experienced editor".

Also, we would like to display over that gray mask the same status line of text that now appears above the post when you click on the gray mask, which explicitly names the person who hid it and the date that they hid it:
"Hidden by <username> on <date>."

That status line will appear in the same location as it does now, but would be shown above the gray mask, rather than covered by it. The intent is to provide a bit more meta-data about the post for other monitors/hiders, while still masking the offending content.

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elizabeth wrote:

backend code for this is in r112825

Still needs javascript adjustment to populate red lines properly

elizabeth wrote:

This feature is completed