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AFT5 Feedback Page Permalinks to Hidden, Oversight requested and Oversighted Posts
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Currently, if you go to a permalink URL for an AFT5 Feedback Page post that has been Hidden, Oversight requested or Oversighted, you cannot see the post at all, and the place where it should appear is blank, even if you are a monitor/hider or oversighter.

We would like users with the appropriate user rights (e.g. monitor/hider or overnighter) to be able to view these posts on the permalink pages, in exactly the same way as they would if they were viewing them on the feedback page itself.

This means that we should continue to display the gray mask over the post, but the authorized users should be able to click on the gray mask to see the content of the post.

This is particularly important for oversighters, who will receive an email saying that 'Oversight has been requested for this feedback post' linking to the permalink page. If that page is blank, there is no way for them to do their job.

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elizabeth wrote:

fixed in r113078

elizabeth wrote:

Anyone with viewing access has this working properly - but "empty gray mask" versions for permalinks without permissions are not yet implemented

elizabeth wrote:

This is now in testing on prototype

Thanks, Elizabeth.

I just tested this feature and it works for me on prototype with Safari.

Can it be part of our Apr. 4 release? Or would this be for a later release?

This seems to work for me.

Thanks, Ryan, glad it works for you too.

And thanks as well for reporting other bugs with Firefox, which I filed earlier, based on your suggestions!