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Enable WebFonts on all WMF projects
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Currently WebFonts are enabled on some wikis only.

But I think that all projects can benefit from WebFonts, i.e. pages like and

Compare with where Cuneiform/Akkadian characters looks very good.

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Does this change need global community consensus?
Currently the config has commented out enable entries with "# XXX probably shouldn't be included". Should these wikis be excluded?

I very much want to enable it everywhere, but I also know that in the current state of the extension, there will be at least three languages that won't like it, and maybe more than three. One of them is Hebrew, the font for which is useful for testing, but not so much for reading; I'm working on improving that (a pet project of sorts).

As for the others, either better fonts are needed, or a more clever way to disable experimental fonts.

So it's a bit early for Wikimedia-wide deployment, but we are certainly working toward that.

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(No other resolution is actually correct, but Site requests without shell keyword are meant to be waiting on something.)

See also: bugzilla:43297 (Allow WebFonts to be loaded but disabled by default.)

[Adding bug 43297 to the "See Also" field.]

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Switching from LATER to the second most relevant resolution

WebFonts is legacy; this will be done only as part of ULS, from what I understand.

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