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Article Feedback Page v5 - Oversighter Email Notification
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When an authorized user requests oversight for an inappropriate feedback post,an email will be sent to oversighters, as described on the AFT5 feature requirements page:

This ticket describes the contents of the email notification that will be sent to oversighters, as outlined below.

Subject: Oversight requested for article feedback page

Plain Text Message:

Hello, oversighters!

Oversight was requested by <user name (1)> for feedback posted on this article:

<Article title (2)>

Please review this feedback post, then approve or decline this oversight request:

<permalink of feedback post for which oversight was requested (3)>

Thank you,

The {{SITENAME}} Team

P.S.: If you have any questions about using the oversight features of the article feedback page, please check this oversighter FAQ:

<help link (4)>

Please note that the article feedback tool v5 is still in early stages of testing on the English Encyclopedia and that the feedback page has not been publicized to the community for this testing period.

Explanations for codes above:

1 is the user name

2 is the article title

3 is the permalink for the feedback post

4 is the help link:

{{SITENAME}} is the name of the site for which oversight is being requested.

Version: unspecified
Severity: major



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Please note that in the specification above, the string in between the brackets is not supposed to be literally included in the email message that gets sent out. It should be replaced by the actual user name, article name, feedback permalink or help link URL. Thanks!

elizabeth wrote:

Email has been adjusted