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Article Feedback Page v5 - Request Oversight issues
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When I 'request oversight' on prototype, none of my actions are acknowledged and none of the expected responses take place (e.g. the post is not automatically hidden, my request does not appear in the Activity log, etc.).

Possible causes of this problem could be a Javascript issue, or a DB error regarding the job table, which may be missing from the prototype server.

Here is our feature requirements page for this request:

Key requirements are excerpted below:

"Here's what happens when a user clicks on 'Request oversight' in the flyover panel:
the 'Request oversight' panel closes
the 'Request oversight' link is replaced with 'Oversight requested' link, which acts as a personal toggle switch
For oversighters only: the 'Request oversight' link is replaced with 'Decline oversight' link, to enable oversighters to decline requests for this post.
the 'Hide this post' link is replaced with 'Unhide this post' link, which acts as a toggle (requesting oversight also hides the post)
A red line is shown at the top of the post: 'Oversight was requested and this post was hidden by <username> on <action date>. <View activity>'.
a gray mask covers the 'Hidden' post, as described in the section above
this post is tagged as 'Oversight requested' (so it is added in the 'Oversight requested' drop down filter)
this post is also tagged as 'Hidden' (so it is added in the 'Hidden' drop down filter, if not already hidden)
this oversight request and hide activities are recorded in this post's activity log, as well as on other site logs (new requirement, see below)
an email is sent to the oversight list, with a link to this post's permalink (new requirement, see below)"

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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to High.Nov 22 2014, 12:16 AM
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The main issues reported above have been solved, thank you Elizabeth!

However, after I request oversight, 'Hide this post' does not change to become 'Unhide this post'.

On a related note, once a post has been over sighted by an oversighter, it seems unnecessary to show the 'Decline oversight' link, particularly since we have an "un-oversight" link below it.

elizabeth wrote:

fixed in r114135