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backtrace when getting a PDF
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From email. I'll ask the original reporter to comment:

I was trying to get a pdf of the "List of country-name etymologies"
article. The error message I got is below.

Render server error
An error occured on the render server: RuntimeError: command failed with returncode 9: [mw-render", '-w\ u'rl', *-c\ u'cache/0f/0ff5d04f 1 aOcbe 17/collectionzip'. '-o'. u'cache/0f/0ff5d04f 1
aOcbe 17/outputrl'. '--status'.
'--template-blacklist'. u'MediaWikiPDF Template Blacklist',
category'. u'Exclude in print', '-print-ternplate-prefix'. u'Print'.
'-print-template-pattern'. u'SVPrint', '-language', u'en'] Last Output:
2012-03-08T00 34 50 mwlib.options.warn » Both -print-template-pattern and
-print-tern pi ate-prefix (deprecated) specified. Using -print-template-
pattern only. 1% reading /tmp/tmpMrbGw1/revisions-1txt 1% laying out
2012-03-08T00 35 03 » rendering:
u'http//' 1% laying out List of
country-name etymologies75.0% laying out List of country-name
etymologies""" glibc detected " /home/pp/local/bin/python: free():
invalid next size (fast): 0x0000000002b1cd00
* in function system,
file/home/pp/local/bin/, line 63

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal



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ralf_wikimedia wrote:

I've fixed the bug in pyfribi and upgraded on the pdf cluster.