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Provide an easy way to get a diff against an old revision of a page while editing it
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Suppose someone makes a big change on page Foo or Template:Bar, and gets reverted because some other user found a problem in the new revision. The first user may want to improve its original change, and to do that, he/she may open his/her old version from the page history (i.e., oldid=12345) and then open that old revision for edit (oldid=12345&action=edit).
Once the updates are finished, though, there is no way to get a diff of what he/she changed since the last try. He/she will need to save the page first, and only then to get a diff.

So, I think it would be good to provide a new button [Show changes since this old revision] on the right side of the existing [Show changes], when editing an old version of a page.

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This should be easy since the difference between the two features is exactly what is shown on gerrit change 30113:,unified

Copying from bug 41307:

If a user open an old revision of a page in edit mode and then click on [Show
changes], it will be displayed a diff against the most recent version of the
page and not against the version he was editing (sometimes it is this diff
which the user wants).

Such a feature is available in [[User:Js/ajaxPreview#Extra_features]], and is
very useful.

See also bug 29674.

(In reply to PiRSquared17 from comment #4)

Doesn't "undo" give a diff?

If I go to
and change "Test 1" to "Test 3", there is no "undo" feature which I could use to get a diff (and the button "Show changes" will make a diff against the most recent version of the page, which is not what I want).

Change 135165 had a related patch set uploaded by devunt:
Add "Show changes against previous revision" button

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