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"Execute Query" button name is overcomplicated, could just be "Search"
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Why does the search at need to have an "Execute Query" button? Please just call it "search", "Execute Query" is scary.

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If "Search" works for MediaWiki, it should work for Wikimedia Phabricator too. Any opinions against?

Changing the string is trivial.

+1. "Search" is also the button name in Bugzilla.

So the usual question: Add it to or add it to already existing

"Maniphest Task" : "Task", "Pholio Mock" : "Mockup"

in operations/puppet.git/modules/phabricator/data/fixed_settings.yaml? I think the latter.

Change 174583 merged by Dzahn:
Phab: Change user visible strings "Execute Query" and "Real Name"

button says "Search" now. merged the change and got applied on iridium.

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