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I understand that the statistics collected at are generated from the monthly XML dumps, and therefore are the most "reliable" versions of the article counts available (in particular, more reliable than the local [[Special:Statistics]] on each wiki, which tend to get off-track sometimes).

Unfortunately, this reliability is not accompanied by precision, since counts above 999 are shown in "human readable" format (e.g., "2.3 k"). It would be nice to have the option to see the exact counts (e.g., "2317").

And while we're talking about precision, knowing the timestamp of the dump on which each count is based would be nice, too. (I guess this info can be gleaned from, but it would be much more convenient to get it along with the stats.)

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I think there's a way to do this so the numbers are still displayed in the tables in "human-readable" format, but when the contents are copied (i.e., highlight then Ctrl-C), the full-precision values are used. Not sure what HTML or CSS mechanism is required to do this, but I'm sure I've seen it done somewhere...

I should point out that I'm talking about pages such as,, etc., which show historical monthly data going back years, not pages like, which have only the most recent counts (which are exact, and have a date at the top).

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han-teng liao, are you interested in trying and submit some patches for options like this? Given

Well not really, the code is eventually sync'ed/merged in my experience.

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