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API allows viewing of oversighted diffs
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Author: it_is_me_here

wikiEd diff-view of an OSed diff to a non-OSer

The green-triangle diff button (I think it's part of wikiEd: appears to allow you to see a Hidden (OSed) diff (see the attached). I'm a sysop but not an OS on, and, at the very least, pressing the green triangle button did *something*; I'm not sure if it actually displayed any Hidden material, but it might be worth a look.

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confirmed. probably a difference in what the API is doing versus the regular diff. Updating summary for clarity.

Cacycle's script gets the text of the old revision (which is public), tries to get the text of the next revision (which is deleted, so falls back to an empty string) and then displays the diff between those two (which looks like the page just was blanked). There is no data visible which should be hidden. So where is the bug, apart from the fact, that it is not really sensible to show the button with the delta? That is a problem with Cacycle's script, not with MediaWiki (and the WikiEditor extension has nothing to do with this). You can inform Cacycle on [[User talk:Cacycle/wikEd]].

I'm assuming this isn't a bug in MediaWiki, per the last comment, so resolving.

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