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Editing toolbar fails to work on new section "subject line" text box
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Author: swalling

There are many use cases where a user wants to use the editing toolbar from Vector in the subject line. For example, to insert special characters in order to correctly spell a term in a language with diacritics. I'm requesting that, *if* the cursor is placed in the subject line, that the Vector toolbar perform any possible actions on the content in the subject line. (Apologies if this bug is a duplicate or has been previously resolved as WONTFIX.)

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement



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swalling wrote:

I just realized this may be a bug instead of a feature request, so just for reference I'm on Chromium and Ubuntu.

Exists across browsers on Windows as well. Might most probably be a feature request and not a bug.

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Realistically, this will not be implemented.