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Direct linking of RDF specifications using GET parameter does not work (SMW 1.7.1)
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The documentation on [1] states that it is alternatively possible to link to the RDF specifications of a given page by using the GET parameter &page. However when trying to retrieve data with a link like e.g. [2] you get directed to the empty form on Special:ExportRDF. Either the documentation is wrong or this alternative is broken.


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Docs are wrong, should be Special:ExportRDF/SMWCon_Spring_2012

Are they wrong because this second alternative was abandoned? The parameters "recursive", "backlinks" and "xmlmine" do not work with this option.

Ok, I'll just add this again.

Looks like I broke it in a change attempting to get rid of bad code about 2 or 3 months ago. This page was using such bad code :)

I just tested r113728 and the "page" parameter seems to work now. I am not sure about "recursive", "backlinks" and "xmlmime" though, since the schema does not change when I vary the different options (0/1) etc.

Unfortunately the fix introduced another problem. As I proceed to Special:ExportRDF I get the RDF of this special page instead of the interface to enter the pages I need for RDF export.

I should have catched that...

Fixed in r113776 :)

I don't know about the other params. Never used this page, and never poked at the code. No one recent touched it, so if it is broken, it has been like that for a while. I suggest creating a new bug if they are broken :)

Heiya, this fixed it regarding Special:ExportRDF.

When it comes to the results produced I have the feeling that the other parameters are ignored, both via the special page and via the GET parameters as soon as you set $smwgAllowRecursiveExport = true; I will report another bug for Markus to cross-check.