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Account creation messages inconsistent
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The logentry-newusers-newusers-* messages are inconsistent:

'logentry-newusers-newusers' => '$1 created a user account',
'logentry-newusers-create' => '$1 created a user account',
'logentry-newusers-create2' => '$1 created a user account $3',
'logentry-newusers-autocreate' => 'Account $1 was created automatically',

Either 'Account' should be appended to the start of the non-autocreate messages, or it should be removed from the autocreate one.

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EN.WP.ST47 wrote:

I don't see the inconsistency. In the first three there was an active action of registering committed by $1, so it's written in the active voice. In the last one the passive voice is used because $1 did not perform any active action worthy of a log action, he just tried to log in on a new wiki. Since it's a different message referring to a different event (new registration vs SUL first time on this wiki) it makes sense for the messages to be different?

It makes sense for them to be different in that it marks automatically created accounts as '$1 was created automatically'. But the 'Account' bit is just unnecessary and makes the messages inconsistent.

Are you sure that you're not mixing old and new logging system' messages? Niklas would know.

These are all listed under "# New logging system" in languages/messages/MessagesEn.php.

Gerrit change 30360