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RSS/Atom feed icon for sidebar is low-resolution
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Screenshot of on iPad 3 with Retina display

The RSS/Atom feed icon shown in the sidebar toolbar is a low-resolution raster image, and appears visibly pixelated on a high-resolution display such as iPad third-generation or when zoomed in.

Version: 1.19
Severity: normal
Whiteboard: gci2013


IMG_0021.PNG (1×2 px, 679 KB)



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Hm.. is this specific to the high resolution of the Retina display?

I think it may be inevitable for any pixel based image. When zoomed further than 100%, it is stretched. On a x years-old iPhone or Android no different.

Generalizing to all icons in the interface, at first sight it goes for:

  • RSS/Atom icon: pixelated
  • Collapsible navigation arrows: not pixelated but blurred (actually part of Vector extension not the core skin, but whatever)
  • Enhanced recent changes arrows (part of common core, not Vector skin specifically)
    • These could probably just be CSS-styled htmlentities of arrows I guess?
  • p-personal user icon (Tango Tango style)

Ah, I see there are already bugs for the others. No need to turn this into a tracking bug then. Reverting back to original case. (others are also blocking bug 32101, such as bug 35341)

Change 96197 had a related patch set uploaded by HectorAE:
shared.css: Start vectorizing common icons

direct link to the proposed svg feed icon. (looks good to me on Iceweasel (Firefox) 22.0a2 (2013-04-19))

Change 96197 merged by jenkins-bot:
shared.css: Start vectorizing common icons