Provide a form of incategory: which covers subcategories as well

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Author: rd232

It's currently possible to search incategory:X or -incategory:X, where X is a category name, to include or exclude results categorised in Category:X. However, this does not cover subcategories. This would obviously be useful, particularly on Commons where search is an important way to find media.

This could be a separate keyword, say incategorysub:X. We could also, in addition, extend incategory to specify recursion levels, with incategory:X defaulting to incategory:0:X (just the category specified - no recursion), and incategory:5:X meaning that we want to traverse 5 levels deep, and perhaps incategory:-1:X meaning the same as incategorysub:X.

Obviously, the usefulness of this feature would be enhanced by also addressing Bug 21988 (basically, providing GUI access to advanced search features).

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Severity: enhancement

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rd232 wrote:

Well it's been a year. Is there any sign of ... anything?

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Nope :s

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If you ever tried to code a similar function, you will understand the flexible structure of mediawiki category makes it difficulty to implement.

One category can have multiple subcategories, and there may have a loop in a category tree(subsubsubcategory of a parent category may be the parent category).

As long as categories of mediawiki remain flexible, I belive this function will not be implemented in the near future.

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Moving this feature request to CirrusSearch queue to be reassessed at a future date.

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See also which can do this (implemented as a separate program)

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