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Add stix font for mathjax
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We should add that Stix font MathJax always seems to use. Perhaps it can be piggy back on webfonts extension ?

Otherwise manually install them I guess.

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The webfonts are present and already managed by the extension. (What we didn't include are the so-called "image fonts", which is a butt-ton of PNG images at fixed sizes.)

Right now it's set to default to the Tex web fonts; I'm not sure whether/what benefit there is to using the Stix web fonts instead/in addition.

The TeX webfonts seem present yes, but it does not seem the StiX fonts are installed. I believe MathJax does not provide them by default as webfonts, because they are rather large and take a lot of time to download.

mal.malego wrote:

Right, STIX fonts are currently not available as webfonts. What I have done is to take STIX fonts when they are available locally, and fall back to TeX fonts when they are not. See change:

The benefit of the STIX font set seems that it's a bit nicer than the TeX fonts. Also, it is the only font that works with the MathML output mode.

+1 for STIX fonts, eiher when locally installed, but preferably as webfonts.

MathJax is working with the STIX group to create webfonts versions of the STIX fonts. In particular, MathJax will get an option to use them.

Related URL: (Gerrit Change I18d9ad32ef011ef8a361ed0c6b54e3c62a234491)

Change 64527 abandoned by TheDJ:
Math: Add the font selector to MathJax menu

Dropping this change, i'm not a big fan of it myself.

People who want stix fonts should figure out how to do that on their own.