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Make Gerrit project list more discoverable and available
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Author: sumanah

Gerrit project list,projects -- it's hard to find in the UI if you're logged in, and isn't shown anywhere if you're anonymous. We need something that scrapes this data at some interval and makes it available to labsconsole &

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Something working from gerrit.wm.o/r/gerrit/rpc/ProjectAdminService should do.

Shawn Pearce is working on a REST api for ls-projects, so perhaps we could use that once it's merged in.

There's two parts to fixing this:

  1. The first is the new "Projects" menu item I added in Gerrit 2.5. This will be solved by upgrading (bug 39589)
  1. Once we install GitBlit (bug 38383), we'll have much nicer repo browsing all together.

After yesterday's Gerrit update it's " -> Projects -> List" no matter if logged in or not.

Proposing to close as FIXED as GitBlit is tracked in bug 38363.
Wondering if documentation needs updates, but messy anyway (see bug 36437).

Indeed. And in addition to that, there's now filtering, direct links for searching, repo browsing, and clicking on the repo will also give you clone URLs.