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Loss of newuser/create API components with recent upgrade
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In version 1.18 the query

would allow one to filter out new users who were created on wiki, from those that are automatically created. There looks to have been a change to the API with the introduction of "letype" though not all the functionality seems to flow through.

The closest that I can get the query would now be


which shows


    <item type="newusers" action="autocreate" user="Rhy0614" timestamp="2012-04-01T10:12:21Z" />
    <item type="newusers" action="autocreate" user="Kratzbaum" timestamp="2012-04-01T10:09:42Z" />
    <item type="newusers" action="autocreate" user="Mogadir" timestamp="2012-04-01T10:04:32Z" />
    <item type="newusers" action="autocreate" user="Yuvalbleich" timestamp="2012-04-01T09:53:55Z" />
    <item type="newusers" action="create" user="MacixeXopuji" timestamp="2012-04-01T09:36:22Z" />


One cannot filter on


and it seems to be that all the newuser actions are non-existent, and the instructions would seem to show that too.

Version: 1.19
Severity: major



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$wgLogTypes = array(

$wgLogActions = array(
'block/block' => 'blocklogentry',
'block/unblock' => 'unblocklogentry',
'block/reblock' => 'reblock-logentry',
'protect/protect' => 'protectedarticle',
'protect/modify' => 'modifiedarticleprotection',
'protect/unprotect' => 'unprotectedarticle',
'protect/move_prot' => 'movedarticleprotection',
'rights/rights' => 'rightslogentry',
'rights/autopromote' => 'rightslogentry-autopromote',
'upload/upload' => 'uploadedimage',
'upload/overwrite' => 'overwroteimage',
'upload/revert' => 'uploadedimage',
'import/upload' => 'import-logentry-upload',
'import/interwiki' => 'import-logentry-interwiki',
'merge/merge' => 'pagemerge-logentry',
'suppress/block' => 'blocklogentry',
'suppress/reblock' => 'reblock-logentry',

It's not the API at fault, as that's only listing what's available.

Most likely, it would be related to the logging rewrite... CC'ing Niklas

Possible API breakage is a high priority.

There might be extensions using the foo/* syntax still. Maybe the API should just allow specifying the type instead of limiting it to predefined values.

Niklas, are you planning on releasing a new patch?

ok, so marking as need-review.