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Have one click spam button in all message views (like "zoom"/full message), not only in overview
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Author: Thehelpfulonewiki

The button should be available in all message views (especially in the content view).

Many users zoom to read the full message only to verify that it is spam, and then find themselves clicking back to get the 1-click spam button, as that button is not in the zoom view.

This has a fair amount of support amongst us spam sorters.

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Request is still valid: icon "1-click Spam" is only visible in overview, not in "Zoom" (full message).

I'd say this is basically fixed in v. 3.2 now. There is now a "Spam" button in ticket zoom view ("content view") which does just what Thehelpfulone desires. The functionality is now missing in queue view, however, which is the subject of bug 54755.

Just noticing that this is still a present issue in version 3 (post upgrade) as the one-click spam patch we were using was completely disabled (incompatible). See /depends on/ bug 54755