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Followup to bug 11374 - tweaks to mediawiki.action.history.diff.css
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Patch with final tweaks and small fixes

This is a followup from bug 11374. This patch has some fixes and final tweaks for the code currently in trunk.

  • Reorganized the CSS to specificallity.
  • Changed table width to 100%, and added zero margin for table, so no

horizontal scrollbars.

  • Changed horizontal padding in table.diff td from 0.66em to 0.5em, making max

use of expensive horizontal real estate.

  • Override default vertical 0.33em padding in td.diff-marker with 0.25em to

compensate for increased fontsize of the marker (+ and -), which caused
unwanted padding at the bottom in one-line diff rules.

  • Changed the background for td.diff-context to #f9f9f9, which is the same as

the background for wikitables. (BTW, the default background for Vector is
#f6f6f6, not the current #f3f3f3 as stated on wikitech-l).

The NewDiff gadget on enwiki has all these fixes implemented, so you can
evaluate this code.

Version: 1.20.x
Severity: enhancement




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sumanah wrote:

Erwin, could I ask you to put this patch in Gerrit? Thanks.

(In reply to comment #1)

Erwin, could I ask you to put this patch in Gerrit? Thanks.

I will... try. I have yet to set up access from my PC.

sumanah wrote:

Erwin, if you're having any trouble with Gerrit, please do feel free to ask for help on the wikitech-l mailing list or on MediaWiki-General . Good luck!

sumanah wrote:

Erwin, were you able to put this patch into Gerrit? has instructions. Thanks!

No, not yet. I'm still staring at the wall of information in the tutorial. And I lost my original edited file to boot... (thought the gadget on contains the bulk of the code).


If you need some help with git, I can help you set it up. Contact me via IRC (hexmode) or via my email address.

I applied the patch and submitted to gerrit as Ic9da00bc.

I'll make this a pull request for 1.20 tarball.

(In reply to comment #8)

I'll make this a pull request for 1.20 tarball.

See Ic9da00bc

Finally merged. Mark, are you going to be backporting this, after all?

Isn't backporting a thing of the past now we have regularly scheduled updates?

Deployment != release.

Back on topic, no this will not be backported. 1.20.0 has already been released and this is just a minor cleanup.