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Underlines using a diacritic do not show properly in the page's title
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Author: lebo.beland

See example at .

The Shoshoni language (and some African languages) use the underline as a diacritic (see Underscore entry on the English Wikipedia for more details). The unicode used to perform that is the "combine low line", as in the example: a̲i̲. See the description of the unicode character at .

The problem is in the title of the page the underline is not directly under the letters it should be, but it shifted a bit to the right.

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lebo.beland wrote:

Changes to my initial post. It is not only in titles by everywhere. See: ; the mention of Ga̲i̲ in the right box.

Thanks you

This probably depends on your browser, operating system, available fonts, etc...

On Mac OS X 10.7.3 with Firefox 11.0, I see the underlines under 'ai' mispositioned in the bits of sample text using Verdana font, but they seem positioned ok in most other places.

lebo.beland wrote:

I saw a mention of this issue on the French Wikipedia from a Talk Page in 2011 as well. ersonally, I saw this "shifting" of the underscore on Firefox 3.6.28 on Windows 7. I also remarked today, that this shifting also occur when the underscore is used in a category's name.

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