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git-review uses bug number rather than a local branch as gerrit's "topic name"
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Steps to reproduce:

Local checkout of mediawiki/core.git

git co -b 2012/foobar

(edit files)

git commit; with a message that doesn't mention a bug number in the first 5 lines and somewhere a long the line it makes a mention of 3 bugs (not even in parentheses), just like "foo bar bug 123, 456 (and bug 789 also)".

It will then have submitted it as topic: bug/123 instead of 2012/foobar.

I like the automatic topic but it should not happen if:

  • I have a good local branch name already
  • Did not mention the bug on the first line
  • It wasn't the only bug mentioned

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Severity: minor
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You can work around this by manually specifying a topic on git review

Should be filed upstream.

(In reply to comment #1)

Should be filed upstream.

Upstreamed as

Krinkle: Followup questions in the upstream report by Marcin...

Self-declining. I don't think one should use the auto-branch naming behaviour. Also, I think this may've been fixed since 2014, but not sure.

Nowdays I just name branches myself, and avoid git-review for most use cases.