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Warn before leaving the page when editing a message
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The Translate extension desperately needs a warning popup (onbeforeunload handler) when leaving the page without saving a half-edited message. There are at least two easy ways to accidentally navigate away and loose the half-edited text (which is not terrible given that messages are typically 2-3 sentences at most, but still quite annoying):

  • Translate relies on hotkeys for saving; both browser and application support for these is somewhat unreliable, thus depending on the language, pressing something like alt-s might result in e.g. closing the tab.
  • there is no support for typing non-english characters, so translators are left with OS-provided Unicode input sequences. On Windows, that means alt+(numbers from numerical keyboard); if numlock is accidentally disabled, alt-4 will invoke the back button.

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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to High.Nov 22 2014, 12:17 AM
bzimport set Reference to bz36006.

Please split these into separate bugs.

The issues with hotkeys are known, but there is nothing we can do about it. I would rather keep them for the benefit of (hopefully) majority of users, where they are implemented in their browser in a way that doesn't cause problems.

I don't think there is anything wrong with using hotkeys (they are certainly a big productivity boost, and no one is forced to use them), I was just arguing for the need for warning popups. The two other problems would be pretty harmless on they own, if they did't cause loosing work (also, I don't see what could be done about them).

Ah I didn't read your comment carefully enough, sorry. However that latter issue resembles bug 34327 pretty closely. I agree that we need a warning. Marking high because it can be considered as data-loss bug.

By no support for non-english I just meant that there is no character insertion toolbar in the popups. For Hungarian, the proper quoting looks like „this”, but those quotes are not included on a Hungarian keyboard, so you need to enter them via copy-paste or code, and the input sequence for the closing one is alt-0148, so I tend to run into the numlock issue a lot.

Tisza - I am working on "Warn before leaving the page" part.

There's an easy way to have quotes „like this” right now, but only in the regular editing interface, not the popup:

  • Enable the the enhanced editing toolbar (in Preferences -> Editing)
  • When editing, go to Special characters -> Symbols. You'll find the quotes there. If you select text and press the button, it will put the selected text in quotes. (Good Hebrew typography uses the same quotes, by the way.)

If you want, support for Hungarian can be added to the Narayam extension. It's quite easy to do it yourself, but if you find it complicated, file a separate bug and write which keys do you want to map to which characters.