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refreshWikiversionsCDB should fail if invalid version is specified in wikiversions.dat
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Currently, it's possible to put this into wikiversions.dat:
enwiki php-1.onemillonandsomething

...even though this file:

...doesn't exist and hopefully never will. That means running refreshWikiversionsCDB will cause a fatal on the enwiki homepage.

Solution: do a sanity check prior to building the cdb file, and make sure that for each specified version "foo", that this file exists:


...and exit with a fatal error if it doesn't, leaving the cdb file unscathed.

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement



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Also could we use trigger_error(..., E_USER_ERROR) instead of die() in multiversion? That way, users would see a nicer-looking error message, and more importantly, the error would be logged.