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Gerrit diffs not viewable in Opera
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Author: enomil

Every time i want to see a side-by-side-diff Opera (11.62) throws this error and does not show up the diff. So diffs aren't viewable with Opera.

Version: unspecified
Severity: major
Platform: PC
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Importance downgraded from critical to major, as a workaround to see the diff is possible (see the upstream bugtracker, issue 878, comment 15).

Still valid in Opera 12.13, tested on


When clicking "Side-by-Side" or "Unified", I get the following error message after a short "working" message on top of the page in Opera Dragonfly:

Sat Aug 10 16:22:39 GMT+200 2013 Class$3
SEVERE: (TypeError) : 'ctx.prettyPrintOne' is not a function
Class$S1187: (TypeError) : 'ctx.prettyPrintOne' is not a function
at Unknown.anonymous(Unknown Source)

Opera is my preferred browser for a while now (don't have the time to review and build FF or Chromium myself)

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Do we still have users with Opera pre 15 ? Otherwise I suggest closing this.

Opera 12 represent!

It doesn't occur if you disable syntax highlighting, or when using new change screen.

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That bug is from 2013 with Opera 11 and 12. Since Opera 15 (released July 2013), its uses the Webkit engine just like Chromium. So if you are impacted, upgrade to Opera 15.