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Article Feedback Page - Relevance ranking function doesn't work properly
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Feedback Page Double Featured and Resolved Bug

When I click 'Show more posts' at the bottom of the feedback page, the same posts that were on the top of the page get repeated again, instead of showing me new posts that were next up on the list below.

At the same time, the second post at the top of the page now shows 2 x 'Featured' and 2 'Resolved' labels, as shown in the attached screenshot. Note that the second version of that same post (that is repeated below the 'Show more posts' link) only has 1 x 'Featured' and 1 'Resolved' labels. This should be the correct behavior in all cases, only show 1 x 'Featured' and 1 'Resolved' in all cases.

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elizabeth wrote:

This should now be fixed, and relevant items counts should now be correct (the count update script was broken)

This has been pushed to prototype

Thanks, Elizabeth.

I can confirm that this specific bug has been fixed on my end.

However, I still see some peculiar issues related to the relevance filter, which may be related.

For example, I see that the relevance filter drop down says there are 3 items in the most relevant list, but there really are 4 items in that list (see second screenshot attached)

Also, why is this post 529 ("I love this article") above Featured items?

Its relevance score should be lower than the featured item below it. Is it possible that when I un-featured it, the negative '-50' relevance score was not applied to it?

For debugging purposes, I recommend that we add both relevance score and helpfulness score on the permalink pages for monitors, below each post and above the divider above the "View feedback page" link.

Let me know if you would like me to open a separate ticket for these questions. But I wanted to get the conversation started right away, in case there are residual issues in our code for tomorrow's deployment.



elizabeth wrote:

  1. I reran the script to do the relevance figuring and count filters since the latest code push - and now I can't reproduce the issue you're reporting. I'd appreciate a proper reproduce case for bad relevant counts please.
  1. I can't reproduce this either since running the relevance count update script

OK, I will start a separate ticket for this, and invite Chris McMahon to help us test this relevance score for us.

How easy would it be for you to add both relevance score and helpfulness score on the permalink pages on prototype today?

This would make it a lot easier for us to debug.

Ideally, you would add this line of text on each permalink page:

Relevance: <current score> - Helpfulness: <current score>

This would appear in small gray font right above the horizontal divider, which is above the "View feedback page" link.

For now, keep responding here, until I create a new ticket after my next meeting.


Created attachment 10467

This is the screenshot that illustrates my questions on this thread.


Created attachment 10468

Sorry, I uploaded the wrong graphic earlier.

This is the screenshot that illustrates my questions on this thread.


elizabeth wrote:

Fabrice - there were some adjustments made to the logic for the relevance counters - could you please clear your cache and check again to see if you have the same issues?

Created attachment 10471

Hi Elizabeth,

I emptied my cache on Safari, Firefox and Chrome, as well as posted some new feedback, then featured it.

But I am still confused by the order of the posts on the feedback page, as shown in this 4th attached screenshot (Feedback-Page-Relevance-Ranking-Bug.png).

I do not understand why the only two featured items are showing at the bottom of the list, as shown in this screenshot? I can reproduce this issue on all 3 browsers, after clearing my cache.

Can you provide an explanation as to what might be causing this problem? Also, what are the relevance scores of these last two featured items? Are they above 50, as I would expect them to be? Or did the scoring somehow not register?




elizabeth wrote:

Are you sure they're sorting in the correct direction?

Remember relevance can sort asc and desc just like everything else...

What direction is the arrow beside relevance pointing? Perhaps we need to always make the arrow available....

Yes, I can change the direction of the sort by clicking on relevance.

But when I refresh the page as a reader, it gives me the wrong order, showing the least relevant posts first, and the most relevant posts last.

I was expecting that the reader default for the feedback page would be to show me the most relevant posts first, auto-sorted by relevance without requiring me to sort them manually.

Is that the way you have it implemented? Or did you end up implementing something different?

elizabeth wrote:

I think the default sort direction may not be correct - give me a bit...

elizabeth wrote:

switched the default sort from desc to asc