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Article Feedback Page - Show different default filters for different user groups
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When you click on another filter next to 'Showing', store that filter name, so that the next time I visit a feedback page, that new filter will be automatically shown instead of the relevance filter.

Also, we would like to only show the relevance filter to non-editors by default, and instead show comments-only by default to all auto-confirmed editors.

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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to High.Nov 22 2014, 12:22 AM
bzimport added a project: ArticleFeedbackv5.
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yoni wrote:

Both of these are new feature requests.
Re: default filters - please provide default filter for all relevant user groups.
Also, please prioritize.

Assigning to Fabrice.

Based on today's call, I propose the following action items:

Hold off on the original request to 'Remember the last filter you selected' for now -- we will get more community input on this proposal, since it looks complex to implement. (I changed this ticket's title accordingly)

Let's implement the second request to "Show different default filters for different user groups", since it seems more practical to implement in the near-term (about a half-day, based on our discussion).

Let's show these filters by default to each of these user groups:

  • Oversighters: filter 'Comments-only', sort 'by Date' (most recent first)
  • Monitors: filter 'Comments-only', sort 'by Date' (most recent first)
  • Editors (auto-confirmed): filter 'Comments-only', sort 'by Date' (most recent first)
  • Readers (everyone else): filter 'Most Relevant', sort 'by Relevance' (most relevant first)

As discusssed, let's store these settings in the same config file where we now store relevance scores and cut-offs.

We would like to make a minor change to the request above:

  • Editors (auto-confirmed)): filter 'Most Relevant', sort 'by Relevance' (most relevant first)

(instead of filter 'Comments-only', as first proposed above)

We want the editors and the readers to have the same experience.

mjackson wrote: (tested locally, awaiting review)