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members of depops (1075) should have it as primary group
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on deployement-prep /etc/group as a specific group "depops" which is similar to "wikidev" on production :


LDAP has a default group set to 550 which bind to 'svn', which is not really helpful.

We would need a way to override the default 550 gid to be 1075 when people are member of that group.

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hashar created this task.Apr 24 2012, 2:30 PM

I tried overriding the group locally:

Boths group and passed are set in /etc/nsswitch.conf to use files then ldap.

I have appended to /etc/passwd the following line:

hashar:x:1010:1075:Antoine Musso:/home/hashar:/bin/bash

Login through ssh on another session does not seem to override the group which is still set to 550 :-(

we don't need this, use mw-deploy user