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Support for rotation of video files
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Author: tauhida.parveen

This was tested on

Rotatebot does not support rotation of Video images
This was tested on

Steps to reproduce:
1)Using upload a video file that requires rotation
2)Click on the “rotate” sign on the right under the file

The video file does not rotate.

At its current state rotatebot does not support rotation of video files. Need to have a way to rotate video files.

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Thehelpfulonewiki wrote:

Per the history,

(cur | prev) 14:01, 25 April 2012‎ Pristurus (talk | contribs)‎ . . (450 bytes) (0)‎ . . (Pristurus uploaded a new version of File:Rescued cat.ogv: cropped and rotated via avisynth: x="Rescued_cat.ogv" FFIndex(X) AudioDub(FFVideoSource(X), FFAudioSource(X)) turnright() Crop(0, 572, -0, -260)) (undo)

Seems to be working, looks like it's a problem on your end or maybe you needed to wait a while for the image to be processed by the servers before you tried to rotate it.

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Rotatebot does not support rotation of Video images

Rotatebot is not a feature of MediaWiki nor one of its extensions. It was developed by [[:commons:User:Luxo]] and [[:commons:User:Saibo]]. Rotatebot does not support rotating PDFs DJVUs, SVGs (though that shouldn't be difficult) and any type of video.

More information: [[:commons:Help:Rotatelink]] and [[:commons:User:Rotatebot]].

Also, Firefogg seems not to support video rotation.

There is now a basic rotation API in MediaWiki (Bug 46548 and Bug 46549) but this does not work lossless for JPEGs and that's why it is disabled. I am not sure whether it works for video files but I learn towards "no".

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Seems to be working

A user who manually converted the video is not what the reporter asked for. REOPENED. I am not sure whether this should be a feature of UpWiz or MediaWiki core but one of them should support it. Feel free to retarget.

Probably not related to UpWiz

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Note that rotatebot is being retired, and replaced with a built-in API to run them server-side (T35186). Adding video support is probably possible but may be tricky. :D

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