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Proofread toolbar disappear occasionally
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Screenshot of en.wikisource without proofreading toolbar

When editing a page, the proofreading toolbar does not appear occasionally. It will appear again if refresh the page once or twice.

I experienced this problem in ml.wikisource and en.wikisource projects of WMF.

Version: unspecified
Severity: major


No_Proofread_toolbar.PNG (285×858 px, 185 KB)



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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to High.Nov 22 2014, 12:23 AM
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Is this a regression? Did this problem only show up once 1.20wmf1 was put into production?

beau wrote:

I think this is a race condition caused by asynchronous script loading by ResourceLoader. IIRC asynchronous script loading was introduced in MW 1.19.

There are similar reports: bug 23479 and bug 28563.

I started to experience this problem from April 18.

Before that, a mini toolset was visible on the top-left corner of the page image, when the toolbar was not present.

beau wrote:

I think my fix for bug 32372 - gerrit #4694 resolves this issue too. It tries to load proofread extension code always after the toolbar has been constructed.

Please, when will this be fixed? Some visually impaired users are not able to do anything at all without the toolbar and the zoom/layout buttons, so I'm raising importance to "high".

edowiki wrote:

Please, many users rely on that toolbar to proofread properly: fix this bug, ASAP.

Please fix the bug, but please take a big efford to simplify deeply all the ResourceLoader stuff. I feel that "toolbar object" is really too much complex to edit; it would need much more documentation and examples; but this is an "old" issue.

beau wrote:

The fix is ready since last November, however there is no one to review and merge the change.

I am not experiencing this problem for last two days. Is there any fix is applied? What about others?

Withdrawing the above comment. Problem still exists.

beau wrote:

Marking as fixed, since the patch for bug 32372 was merged. Please reopen if the issue still exists (check after the code was deployed on wmf sites).