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Article Feedback Page - View Activity and Help link
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If there is no activity for a feedback post, we should gray out the "View activity" text link, so that people don't waste time clicking on it.

Also, the question mark icon in the activity log and in all the flyovers for the monitoring tools (feature, hide, etc.) should be linking to the help page for the appropriate user group, as outlined below:

If the user is an auto-confirmed editor:

If the user is a monitor (reviewer, rollbacker or administrator):

If the user is an oversighter, staff or aft5 user group:

For this help link, you can probably re-use the code that was written for the help page link at the top of the feedback page.

See sample feedback page here:

See feature requirements for the feedback page here:

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elizabeth wrote:

  1. the way things are implemented now changing this by checking user permission would be very difficult and it appears you're asking all the flyovers to link to the same help - we currently have it implemented so each item can link to individual help (hide, oversight, etc) but for all users

2. - this says learn more for hide is supposed to link to rvdl which contradicts this bug...

Do you have specific locations for each separate "learn more" item for ALL users?
I wouldn't think that learning more about hiding should be different for monitor or oversighter (and regular users will not SEE that learn more if they don't permissions)

I had completed this already as described in first post (but gerrit was giving me a hard time pushing it) before reading the above comment.
Anyway, the commits can be found at,status:open+project:mediawiki/extensions/ArticleFeedbackv5,n,z

"View activity" is now grayed out when there's no activity yet & cursor won't show a hand. Clicking on it will still open the window though.

Elizabeth: I didn't touch any "read more" button; the only 2 things linking to those 3 distinct pages (depending upon the group the user is in) are the top right questionmark-icon in the feedback-form & the "help"-link top right in the feedback page (which already had that functionality)
I updated something about the help-link on feedback page though; it'll now redirect to these exact links (, rather than trying to build a link to a page named "Article_Feedback_Tool/Version_5/Help", because on non-wikipedia installations of this extension, the original code would point to a non-existant page on that wiki - made more sense to me to have it point to

I may have misunderstood the report though, so please correct me if I missed something.

Thanks, Matthias.

The only change we want to do at this point is to disable the grayed-out 'View activity' link, so no activity flyover panel will appear if you click on it.

Please let us know when this feature is on prototype, so we can test it prior to deployment.

As for Elizabeth's comments above: I think we should link to the four separate Help files for each user group, as originally proposed at the start of this thread.

We are already doing this with the Help button at the top right of the feedback page, so it would seem possible to do the same for the flyover panels, by applying the relevant code to it. Please let us know if that approach is not feasible for some reason.

The four links for 'Learn more' above ARE different from each other. Elizabeth my have been confused by the fact that Bugzilla makes them look the same because it doesn't wrap links around.

And I am comfortable over-riding in order to make this work consistently. When we expand the FAQs, we will add a link to that rev del policy in a specific question on how and when to hide posts.

Matthias, I think you did the right thing by directing everything to the En-Wiki pages for now. When we get ready to do internationalization, they may want to change that, but at least they will work for now.

Clicking a grayed out "view activity" will now no longer show the window (,6246)
Feedback on first commit has been processed as well (,6241)

Hi guys, the 'View activity' link is not working for me on prototype with Reha's new design implementation:

Is this because she has not yet merged her new design code with these earlier fixes?

Not sure - this code has been merged with the main repo yesterday evening (10:45 PM) by Roan. The prototype, afaik, runs on the omniti branch, where this code should also be present.
I'm assuming however that the design code is based on the main repo (where at that moment, the code was not yet merged) and that's the one now powering the prototype

reha wrote:

Just discussed grayed-out link with Roan.

The join of the logging table on fetch is going to cause major issues, because there's no way to get it for the central feedback log without using a LIKE (very slow) or doing one query per set of feedback associated with a particular article appearing in the same page of feedback (up to 51 queries per fetch; still quite slow, but not quite as slow as the LIKE).

We can't remove the article title from the log (and fix the above issue) without losing some nice features, like filtering by any feedback for Barack_Obama.

The best option at this point is to drop the join on the logging table and have regular links for now.

After tomorrow's deployment, we can add a new column to the feedback table to keep track of the activity count, which we can use to activate/deactivate the link without joining at all.

Thanks for the update.

For the record, the most important requirement from my perspective is that the 'View activity' link be grayed out if it's empty -- and that it be clickable if it's not.

However, it's not the end of the world if we continue to make the Activity link clickable even if it's grayed out, if it makes your task any easier.

Either way, I would view this request as a medium priority, not a top priority. Hope that helps.

The "problem" is knowing whether or not that there has been activity, not how to display it, so as soon as that new column gets added, we rewrite the check if there has already been activity and it can remain grayed out, non-clickable.

Sounds like a good plan.

This was not deployed on May 24, and will need to be merged back in for the June 5 deployment.