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autocompletion in search box: apostrophe equivalent
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This comes from a discussion on WP:fr focus on switch from the Vertical typewriter apostrophe ( ' ) to the typographic apostrophe ( ’ ) in titles or texts

see :édia:Sondage/Apostrophe_typographique

We need, if the discussion succeeds to switch to title with typographic apostrophe, that the autocompletion treats as equivalent all apostrophes like : or

Example in WP:de’École_des_filles

completion works with: l’ecole (typographic apostrophe) but doesn't work with: L'École (vertical apostrophe)

This also is needed for the autocompletion process in the help box when you add a internal link when you are contributor.

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Cirrus actually maps both those apostrophes to spaces for prefix search and "go" search as of the last release. This was done with Bug 58702 which is basically a duplicate of this bug that I made because I didn't search hard enough for this bug.

OTOH, because we don't let Cirrus highlight the search results, this leads to the funky behaviour that you see documented in Bug 52656: while cirrus spits out a nice list of potential matches for prefix search the highlighting only highlights _exact_ matches ignoring ascii folding and other sorts of character transformations.