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Article Feedback Page - Notices for 'Feature this post' and 'Mark as Resolved'
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Let's not display in the feedback page any notices for recent 'positive' actions like 'Feature this post' and 'Mark as Resolved', because they create unnecessary clutter and are redundant with our new 'Featured' and 'Resolved' labels.

This will also apply to all the other activity notices which have a 'positive' outcome (e.g.'un-mark as resolved,' 'un-hide,' 'decline oversight,'
'un-oversight' -- not just 'Featured' and 'Resolved').

These red notice lines that now appear at the top of each featured or resolved post in the full list view should be removed from the list view and only be shown on the permalink view. If this is hard to do, we could move all other activity notices to the permalink view, assuming that makes it a lot easier (see separate feature request for permalink view).

We will continue to to display these notices in the article activity logs, as well as in the central activity log.

Going forward, let's use a green color (instead of red) for all notices about 'positive' actions, as described above.

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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to High.Nov 22 2014, 12:22 AM
bzimport added a project: ArticleFeedbackv5.
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reha wrote:

Changed the color of the positive statuses and sent to gerrit for review:

(NB: depends on refactoring)

Did not change where they display.

Thanks, Reha.

Were you also able to remove the lines for the positive statuses on the feedback page?

Or did you just change their color?

It would be ideal if we could remove the lines above the posts, are they are pretty annoying. It's fine to have them on the permalink view, but not on the feedback page.

mjackson wrote:

I don't see any underlining when I tested this change locally (by hiding/unhiding and oversighting/unoversighting, for example). Maybe I am just missing something, but I think this can be closed as fixed.

reha wrote:

Fixed and submitted to gerrit: