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Article Feedback Page - Some filters do not load comments, and show an error message
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Some filters on the Feedback Page do not load and show this error message:

'Error loading feedback'

This problem occurs when I select 'Hidden' or 'Oversighted' in the 'Showing' drop-down menu on either prototype or production, such as this low-traffic page on prototype:

... or this high-traffic page on production:

Both Oliver and I could reproduce the problem on the Obama page today, with vastly different configurations and connections (he's on Win XP with Firefox in the UK, I'm on Mac Safari in the WMF office in CA).

One theory is that it may be related to the number of posts hidden, though we're not sure if that's the real issue.

For example, we cannot view hidden posts on the Obama page (with 185 hidden posts), but I can view them on the China page (with only 27 hidden posts):

However, the Mitt Romney (with only 32 hidden posts) does not show hidden posts either:

Another theory is that it may be related to the number of oversighted items: all the pages listed above have more than 1 oversighted item -- except for the China page, which has 0 oversighted items.

This is a serious enough issue that we should attempt to solve it for this deployment, if possible.

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Feedback Page - Hidden Filter Loading Error for Obama page

Here's a screenshot showing this problem on the Obama page. I also have screenshots for Mitt Romney and Golden Sparrow, if you like.


reha wrote:

Here's the error message from prototype:

Exception Caught: Non-string key given","*":"#0 \/srv\/org\/wikimedia\/prototype\/wikis\/rc\/includes\/GlobalFunctions.php(1426): MessageCache->get(NULL, true, Object(Language))#1 \/srv\/org\/wikimedia\/prototype\/wikis\/rc\/includes\/GlobalFunctions.php(1551): wfMsgGetKey(NULL, true, Object(Language), false)#2 \/srv\/org\/wikimedia\/prototype\/wikis\/rc\/languages\/Language.php(709): wfMsgExt(NULL, Array)#3 \/srv\/org\/wikimedia\/prototype\/wikis\/rc\/languages\/Language.php(731): Language->getMessageFromDB(NULL)#4 \/srv\/org\/wikimedia\/prototype\/wikis\/rc\/languages\/Language.php(989): Language->getMonthName(false)#5 \/srv\/org\/wikimedia\/prototype\/wikis\/rc\/languages\/Language.php(1819): Language->sprintfDate('j F Y', false)#6 \/srv\/org\/wikimedia\/prototype\/wikis\/rc\/extensions\/ArticleFeedbackv5\/api\/ApiArticleFeedbackv5Utils.php(340): Language->date('??????????????')#7 \/srv\/org\/wikimedia\/prototype\/wikis\/rc\/extensions\/ArticleFeedbackv5\/ArticleFeedbackv5.render.php(117): ApiArticleFeedbackv5Utils::renderStatusLine('autohide', '0', '??????????????')#8 \/srv\/org\/wikimedia\/prototype\/wikis\/rc\/extensions\/ArticleFeedbackv5\/api\/ApiViewFeedbackArticleFeedbackv5.php(58): ArticleFeedbackv5Render->run(Array)
#9 \/srv\/org\/wikimedia\/prototype\/wikis\/rc\/includes\/api\/ApiQuery.php(266): ApiViewFeedbackArticleFeedbackv5->execute()
#10 \/srv\/org\/wikimedia\/prototype\/wikis\/rc\/includes\/api\/ApiMain.php(705): ApiQuery->execute()
#11 \/srv\/org\/wikimedia\/prototype\/wikis\/rc\/includes\/api\/ApiMain.php(360): ApiMain->executeAction()
#12 \/srv\/org\/wikimedia\/prototype\/wikis\/rc\/includes\/api\/ApiMain.php(344): ApiMain->executeActionWithErrorHandling()
#13 \/srv\/org\/wikimedia\/prototype\/wikis\/rc\/api.php(117): ApiMain->execute()
#14 {main}

I think we must have some places in the database where "??????????????" is in the last status timestamp field.

reha wrote:

NB: the string is not actually "??????????????" but a series of characters that look like question marks.

Thanks, Reha.

Do we know which field and/or record in the DB could be causing this problem?

Is this something that could have been introduced when we ran the SQL script for adding relevance scores to older posts last week?

If so, could this be solved by asking Roan to re-run an SQL script for us?

Or is this something you could solve on your end?

Please let us know what you think can be done on our end.

reha wrote:

The problem is in the last status timestamp field, so the relevance score wouldn't have affected it. I'm afraid I don't know how to determine which rows are causing the problem -- using the binary field for a timestamp is a non-standard MediaWiki variant, and I'm not quite sure how to search for a series of messed-up unicode characters -- but Roan is much more familiar with this usage and could probably figure it out.

yoni wrote:

mike, reha - please make sure the SQL deploy script is updated and the bug is no longer reproducible.
in this case, close the bug

Sorry, I didn't see the last note from Yoni above, so I just re-opened this bug.

Also, on the off chance that fixing this bug introduced new issues, I would like to point out that we now are having $ signs show up again on the central activity log:

Not sure if it's related to the recent SQL fix by Roan, but wanted to mention it, just in case.

Oliver is opening up a separate bug for this.

reha wrote:

The log issues are unrelated. Marking fixed.