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Article Feedback - 'View reader feedback' link on the Talk page
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Talk page link mockup - View feedback >>

We would like to add a 'View feedback' text link to the Talk page of any article in our sample, pointing to Feedback Page for that article.

View feedback >>

See proposed mockup attached. The font size is 14 pt.

Can you add a variable in the feedback page config file, so we can turn this feature on or off easily?

Something like 'talk-page-link=true' -- or similar naming convention, like we did for the relevance score.

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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to High.Nov 22 2014, 12:22 AM
bzimport added a project: ArticleFeedbackv5.
bzimport set Reference to bz36502.

Code up for review at:,6608
Pushed to omniti branch, so should be on prototype
Variable to enable/disable this functionality is $wgArticleFeedbackv5TalkPageLink at ArticleFeedbackv5.php

Thanks, Matthias. Let's make sure this feature is turned off by default, so we don't introduce it accidentally until we are ready for wide socialization.

Turned it off by default

FYI, Matthias posted a "fix" to only display the talk-page link on pages that have AFTv5 enabled:

Let's be sure to test this on prototype, to make sure it works as expected on a page that doesn't have AFTv5 enabled.

Also, as discussed in our emails with Pau, we would like to change the wording of this link to be clearer and more compelling than just 'View feedback', which is a bit too neutral, as now shown here on prototype:

Our proposal is to say this instead:

'View reader suggestions >'

reha wrote:

Changed verbiage and updated Matthias's commit with a new patchset:

The current version on prototype still has the old wording, instead of the new wording requested above:

'View reader suggestions >'

Also, there are two different chevrons on the current version, as shown here:

View feedback >> »

Please remove both chevrons, and replace them with a single angle bracket, to match our UI for other parts of the interface.

We still have the wrong copy on the English Wikipedia.

We can make the link more visible by placing it closer to the article title.

I made a Mock Up to illustrate the position:

Re-opening this ticket, so we can slide the Talk page link closer to the title, ideally before the wider deployment begins around June 29.

Note that the talk page link may be showing up on articles where it does not belong still (that caching issue) for the next 20 days (though for a constantly shrinking amount of articles), so we might not want to do this right away.
I won't touch this until you say we're good to go!

Yes, I am aware of this, however I want to make sure it is on our radar for the end of June. We should plan to do this by July 3 at the latest, as the caching issue should have cleared by then.

I've done this locally, (Unless you'd like to get it out there sooner) I'll hold back pushing it to Gerrit & prototype for another week so we don't accidentally deploy it already.

Pushed to prototype & Gerrit ( - not to be deployed before July 3)
Note: the message is still cached over there with incorrect chevrons - will takl to Roan on how to clear this - but that's an unrelated issue and is just fine on production.

Sorry about this, but I would like change the wording of this link to say 'feedback' instead of 'suggestions', as so:

'View reader feedback >'

I am worried that people will not associate this link with the Article Feedback tool if we say 'reader suggestions'.