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Add fields to inform the wiki(s) to which configuration requests refers to
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I think it would be useful to have some field to inform the wiki (project and/or language) to which configuration requests refers to.

Right now, the wiki is not informed in a consistent way. E.g: the users may inform the database name (enwiki, frwikibooks, etc...) or the language+projectname (Portuguese Wikipedia, Spanish Wiktionary) or specify that only in the bug description/comments. A real mess.

I don't know what to do in case of configuration changes which refer to more than one wiki though. E.g.: some change may affect all wikis in Portuguese, other change may affect the Wikibooks projects in all languages, and more complicated combinations are also possible.

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Thehelpfulonewiki wrote:

Reset assignee per bug 37789

So this would be only needed for product == "Wikimedia" && component == "Site configuration" or "Extension setup" I guess?

Asking as Custom Fields in Bugzilla have a "Field only appears when" option where exactly one option can be set (being able to add more option would be certainly good here). However doesn't make it easy to have this for more than one condition (e.g. triggered for two components).

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(Wikitech link wrong.)

Did someone broke the ids of the messages in the list again[1]?

I think I was referring to this thread:

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(Wikitech link wrong.)

Did someone broke the ids of the messages in the list again[1]?

Yes. All existing links to wikitech-l (from the very beginning of the archives) are broken.

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Can we merge this task with T802: Phabricator projects for Wikimedia sister projects ? I don't think we should add custom fields to the task form, but I do believe that it is worth defining a way to tag Wikimedia projects using... Phabricator projects. This has the advantage of providing actual projects that can be joined, watched, and organized in workboards, if needed.