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Diff incorrectly reports incorrect line numbers
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Author: frazzleddad

Line number is off when showing changes

When using "Show Changes" the line number is off by one.

Safari 5.1.5 on OSx Lion.

Repro: Edit page, change text on first line. Click "Show Changes".

Expected: Line Number at top should show Line 1
Actual: Line number shows Line 2

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal




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Also, the </noinclude> is exposed.

Moving to Proofread Extension. This is not a bug in MediaWiki core, which does everything just fine (try it on a simple sandbox page).

The proofread extension is using some hacky javascript implementation that, when the page loads, removes part of the javascript and puts it back in when submitting the form. That first line isn't miscalculated, it is really there.

GOIII added a comment.Aug 30 2014, 2:35 AM

I can't reproduce this effect no matter if my Prefs are set to show or hide the Proofread Page: header & footer fields first.

I think this resolved (inadvertently) with the refactoring of the extension back in January ( Bugzilla 46616 ).

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This issue was resolved back when the Page: namespace's diff layout was changed to address all three possible "fields" (i.e. textareas better known as header, body & footer). Closing

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