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Missing capitalisation on Hungarian wikisource page
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Author: zzmolnar

I opened page

Some capitalisation is not done on two links. It is inconsistency within the product.

Please update the following words:

beállításaim => Beállításaim
lapforrás => Lapforrás

Version: unspecified
Severity: trivial



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Neither of the reported words can be found onőlap, which is the redirect target for the page in the report above. I think there is a high probability this report is about project content.

This tracker is for issues with MediaWiki. Please provide more information, otherwise this report is invalid.

Oh, what is WTA?

zzmolnar wrote:

Sorry for lack of details.
You have to be logged in and set your language preferences to Hungarian. Than you'll see the reported words.

WTA is an acronym for Weekend Testers Americas.
Please contact Chris McMahon at Wikimedia Foundation for more information. :)

Thanks for the additional information. I was able to see what you reported. An analysis follows below.

This is not a MediaWiki issue. You should report it in the Hungarian Wikisource, as it needs to be resolved by the local community of administrators. The solution would be to delete the two local pages in the MediaWiki namespace I pointed out above.

Closing as invalid.