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Overlapping Text and Text crossing the borders with Lohit (Telugu)
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Author: sirisha_jakka


Version: master
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sirisha_jakka wrote:

Overlapping Text and Text crossing the border.

The text is overlapping and crossing borders. It makes it difficult to read and understand. Also, when printing, the text would overlap.


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What it looks like for me

Could you attach a screenshot of what you're talking about? It looks fine on mine computer.


demon added a comment.May 7 2012, 2:17 PM

I think it's that first line of preformatted text. Depending on your browser width and font size, that could easily scroll off the side of the page.

sirisha_jakka wrote:

Screenshot of the wikipedia page showing the overlapped text.

If the purpose of the page is to display the text so that the user can easily read it without any manual readjustment of the page, then the page does not fulfill the purpose.


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my ff, your chrome, my chromium

This appears to be a problem with the version of Chrome that you're using. The nightly version of firefox doesn't show this problem, but I do see a bit of it in my version of Chromium.

Screenshot attached has my FF (version 13) in the top third, then your screenshot in the middle, and my chromium ("18.0.1025.151 (Developer Build 130497) Ubuntu 12.04" from chrome://version). I see a tiny amount of the problem in Chromium, but none in FF.


Lohit Telugu Eating up spaces. I can hardly see a space


System font on Telugu Wikisource

System font is much better


Overlapping was seen on some WebFonts. Mostly could be issue with Lohit. Adding Santhosh.

Are the other 2 fonts better than Lohit-Telugu to be set as default.

arjunaraoc wrote:

There is no problem on Firefox on Ubuntu 10.04 (Latest Checked ver.12)

Even on Firefox Lohit Telugu gives very less spacing for space, appearing as if there is no space particularly when the characters in front and after are complex characters. Other fonts do not seem to be any better. I am not sure whether the issue is beyond browser and part of rendering software like Pango.

Chrome does not render Telugu Wiki properly (Version checked 5.0.375.126)

The width of space can be increased in the font, if it is very less. In 2009, this bug was reported against Lohit Telugu. See and status of that bug is 'closed'. Please reopen it if you think that the issue persists.

Anybody who still faces this problem: Please mention your browser, your browser version, and the operating system that you use. Thanks!

As the "upstream" keyword was added here, I wonder which upstream it refers to.
Some browser?

(Cannot reproduce the problem with Firefox 16.0.1 on Fedora 16, no matter how much I zoom in or out on .)

Sirisha / Srikanth: Is this still an issue?

Moving to ULS.

Cannot reproduce with Google Chrome 27 on Fedora on , looking at the brakets. I've tried also changing the font size but it still looks all correct to me.


No feedback => closing.