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Article Feedback - Final Feedback Form (Option 6)
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Here is a prototype showing how we would like the final feedback form (Option 5) to look and feel:

In the release version of this feedback form, let's replace 'x words remaining' with 'y characters remaining', at OmniTI's request.

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It's up on Gerrit:
It's been pushed to it's own branch omnitiworks/finalfeedback
It'll be pushed to prototype (branch omniti) after the upcoming release

Created attachment 10648
Workflow for final feedback form, showing the 3 steps it goes through


When we deploy the final feedback form on June 5th, we will want to show an updated version of the CTA 3 that will invite them to take a survey about that new form.

That CTA 3 variation and survey form will be very similar to what we used earlier this year:

Our proposal for the June 5 deployment is to bucket users 50% with this new Option 5 'progressive' feedback form (with the CTA 3 that takes them to a survey about that new form) -- and 50% with the current Option 1 form (with the CTA 5 that takes them to the feedback form).

Like this we can continue to get more data for metrics test 4 (through Option 1), as well as start metrics test 5 (to get data on the new Option 5 feedback form).

Hi guys, I created a new survey 6 for this final feedback form Option 6, which will link of the CTA3.

That survey is now at this link:

The CTA 3 will be used in conjunction with this final feedback form 6 and survey 6, as outlined here:

The bucketing for this Option 6 will be 50% -- with the other 50% remaining for Option 1 and CTA 5, as we have them now.

See also related Bugzilla ticket, with a final spec for the bucketing and click tracking of Metrics test 5:

Bug 37287 - Metrics Stage 5 Test: Bucketing and click tracking

The current version of Option 6 idoesn't let you post feedback without a comment, giving you this error message (if you click 'Post' with no comment):

"Please enter your feedback."

We want to allow people to post feedback without comments if they want (because otherwise, it doesn't capture all the 'Yes' votes that are happy with the feature and don't want to write about it, which skews the results towards more negative feedback, based on Dario's research).

So can you please allow people to post feedback without comments, please?

The 'terms' link below the text box for Feedback Forms Option 6 and Option 1 is wrong:

'By posting, you agree to transparency under these <terms.>'

Instead, it should link to the same place as before:

Can you please fix ASAP, either today or before tomorrow's deployment?

Note that the previous link to feedback guidelines is correct and should stay the same:

"Please post <helpful feedback>."

Also note that the same issue applies to the Option 1 feedback form.


Created attachment 10688

Here's another bug for Option 6 feedback form, as illustrated by the attached screenshot (Article-Feedback-Flyover-Bug.png).

When you click on "What's this?", the flyover appears about 145 pixels above where it should be.

This may be due to the fact that we are using a more compact format for the first step of that Option 6 form, which a much lower height for that panel.

Note, however, that in the second step of that form, the height is different, so the gap is not as big. But the flyover is still higher than it should be in that step 2, when the comments box appears.

Perhaps we could set the distance to be relative to the top right corner of the form, rather than the bottom of the form?

This is not as high a priority as the other two bugs reported above, so please take care of the first two bugs first (don't require comments, incorrect links), then take care of this one.



Done, in Gerrit commit ( & on prototype:

  • option 6
  • 50% form 1 + cta 5; 50% form 6 + cta 3
  • update cta 3 survey url
  • allow positive vote with empty feedback
  • fix terms-link
  • fix flyover panel position