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Article Feedback Page - Show the user's last post at the top of the page
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We would like to show the user's last post at the top of the Article Feedback Page when they click on the 'Your feedback has been posted here' in the Thank You screen of the final feedback form.

This last post would only appear when the user comes from that link, not from other feedback page links, and would not re-appear if they refresh the feedback page. It would appear right above the default listing (e.g. Relevance listing), and changing the filters or settings would also make it disappear, so the page would function the same way as it does now.

Here is a preliminary mockup showing how this would work:

The main difference between this preliminary mockup and the upcoming version is that the user's post would be shaded light blue (instead of yellow) and would be labeled 'NEW POST' (in the same place where we now say 'FEATURED', on the right hand corner).

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We will provide more detailed requirements shortly for this feature request, which we will want to implement before the wider deployment in mid-June.

After discussing this in more depth with Pau Giner, we propose to show the last user post on top of the feedback page only after the user just created it. So when the user posts from the feedback form and accesses the Feedback page, the post he/she just created is there with a light blue background color and the "New" label to indicate why it has this special placement.

This means that only one user post is highlighted and it is only shown in the context described above.

The last post should be kept on top when the user:
(a) refreshes the page,
(b) filters the page and
(c) sorts the page.

But the post should not be shown on top when the user (d) comes back to the page later, if they are using a standard feedback page URL.

One way to implement this would be to pass the post ID through the URL (adding that post number at the end of the URL, with a hashtag before it), as so:

Like this, the Article Feedback Tool would know to display that feedback post at the top, even if the user refreshes the page, by grabbing the URL parameter and showing the corresponding post on top.

Pau Giner will add the graphic asset for the 'New' icon on this Bugzilla ticket shortly.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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Icon created for new posts


reha wrote:

Implemented and sent to gerrit:

At Howie's request, we would like to remove the "new" label (so it is not misinterpreted as a label for all new posts).

Instead, we propose to explain why the post was highlighted by making the timestamp bold. Here's a proposed mockup:

(this version lacks a reference to *your* feedback, but I think it's OK, as this could be confusing in case someone shares the link with someone else.)

Also, I recommend adding a couple pixels of white space above the top of this blue highlight, so it doesn't blend into the toolbar, which is now significantly de-emphasized by this new feature.

If it's easy to do, I also recommend that we NOT display your last post if it has been hidden, as this is confusing during demos. But that request is not high priority, as the use case for it is very limited.

Lastly, once we are satisfied with how this final implementation works, we will want to replace the CTA links that now go to the permalinks with this new one (e.g.: 'Thanks! your feedback was <posted here>.').

reha wrote:

Made changes and submitted to gerrit:

Thanks, Reha, looks great on prototype!

I think we can now replace the CTA link to the permalink page with this new 'My Last Post' link (this is the link that goes under 'Thanks! your feedback was <posted here>.').

Would you be able to do this on your end? or is this something that Matthias should do?



It doesn't appear that Reha completed the last assignment on this ticket, which is to replace the CTA link to the permalink page with this new 'MycLast Post' link.

Tthis is the link that goes under 'Thanks! your feedback was <posted here>. This change should be made to all CTAs that have text (CTA1, CTA2, CTA3, CTA4 AND CTA5)

Would you be able to do this on your end? I realize this is too late for this deployment, but let's definitely fit it in the next deployment, if possible.

Looks good, thanks!