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Article Feedback Page - Remove some 'Showing' filter links to avoid wrap-around
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Feedback page screenshot with line wrap

The new design for the feedback page generally looks good, but we need to remove some of the'Showing' filter links to prevent them from causing line wraps when they collide with the 'Sort by' links, as shown in the attached screenshot.

To that end, I propose that we only show two links, then the drop-down, as so:

'Showing: Most Relevant (10) | Comments (10) | More filters v'

This means that we would move these items under the 'More filters' drop down, at the top of the list, as so:

More filters v
Featured (6)
Helpful (5)
All visible (127)

  • (divider)

Unhelpful (21)
Flag as abuse (7)

I also propose that we replace 'Comments only' with 'Comments'.

Also, the 'Sort by' link order should be:
'Sort by: Relevance | Date | Helpfulness | Rating'

(note that we want the Date after Relevance, and 'Helpfulness' to be spelled out.)

Here is an updated mockup for the feedback page showing the correct sort order:

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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to High.Nov 22 2014, 12:23 AM
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One small but important copy tweak, please.

We like to change the 'Comments' link to say 'All Comments', for clarity.

Do you think we can make this change for tomorrow's deployment?

reha wrote:

Fixed and submitted to gerrit: