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Spammy failed to merge messages
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Apparently Gerrit sends a failure message every time it tries to merge a patch which has missing dependency. This can make tens of messages per day. Fortunately they do get into the same thread, so one can just skip over them easily.

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I'm not sure how this is a bug. What is the desired behavior?

Perhaps restrict the emails only to submitter and author and not all reviewers?

There's actually a discussion going on currently on the upstream list, repo-discuss. I've taken the time to weigh in.

In an ideal world, I think users should be able to customize what sorts of e-mails they get.

  • Bug 44007 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

Chad, the ideal behavior is that it not send the latter emails at all, since nothing has changed.

If the dependency gets merged, then obviously it should do the merge. But I can't see why anyone would want useless emails that said "The same thing I tried before failed again, since the situation has not changed".

It probably shouldn't even keep commenting on the site itself, for the same reason.

It's not supposed to repeat comments that are identical, but the logic's been a bit broken for some time. After we upgrade, I'm thinking of disabling the behavior (or at least set it to a much longer interval) until it's fixed to not spam people.

The spam is the same (comments & e-mail), and should be treated as one issue (hence the dupe).

Have we had this problem recently?

I'm going to tentatively mark this fixed. If anyone sees it, please reopen and we'll look at it again.