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Article Feedback Page - Filter Count Issues
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I am still seeing cases where the filter numbers indicated in the drop down menu do not match the number of items displayed in the list.

Let's do a bit more rigorous testing on this issue to identify specific use cases that can be reproduced, then address them specifically. But I wanted to start this ticket now, as I expect we will have some development work on this issue.

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Here is an example of what seems like a bug on prototype: the relevance filter says there are 4 posts, but the list only shows 3.


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Article Feedback Page - Filter Count Bug

I tested this again on prototype, after Reha ran an SQL update script to address this issue.

However, I am not seeing the kinds of discrepancies I experienced before on prototype (and am still experiencing now on en-wiki). Typical discrepancies are when the numbers quoted in parenthesis in the drop-down menu is different the actual number of posts listed for each filter.

Here is an example of such a discrepancy , which I just experienced on en-wiki, attached as screenshot graphic.

Even though it appears to be working on prototype for now, let's keep testing this on production as soon as we deploy.


This issue appears to have been resolved. Closing down this ticket.