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Article Feedback - Throttling
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To prevent spam, we will throttle all feedback posts to only allow 10 posts per user per hour per article. If a user exceeds that limit, their post will be disallowed and a message will be shown, saying: "Your post has been rejected because you have recently posted more feedback than recommended in Wikipedia's feedback guidelines. Please do not post feedback repeatedly or excessively."

This feature may be implemented using a cookie, to keep track of when users posts feedback. For example, we may look at the timestamps of the last 10 posts from that user, and reject the post if the first timestamp is less than an hour ago.

Let's see if we can adapt the code from Moodbar to make this happen.

To be fleshed out here, as soon as we have a bit more feasibility study:

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mjackson wrote:

As discussed in the teleconference just now, due to browser limitations on number and size of cookies, it isn't feasible to track per-article activity using only cookies. So, this is changing to be site-wide feedback activity and the threshold will be 20 (configurable via usual method for configuration variables within AFT) per hour.

mjackson wrote: for some whitespace-type issues raised during code review