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Templates insert newline character at the beginning
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Author: michael

Templates insert a single newline character at the beginning of text (not an HTML break tag (<br />)). This usually
has no effect because HTML compresses all whitespace into a single space. But when a template appears inline in a
sentence this can add an undesirable space.

Examples are the use of [[w:Template:IPA]], which is often placed within brackets.

I'm pretty sure wikimedia *didn't* do this until a few weeks ago.

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michael wrote:

Actually, I'm not sure if it's a linefeed, newline, or carriage return.

Examples are the use of ...

That should link to [[Template:IPA]], documented at [[Template talk:IPA]]. This also often affects the rendering of [[Template:Unicode]].

michael wrote:

This may be related to Bug 1146 (although I haven't seen that one on

avarab wrote:

I'm unable to reproduce this in HEAD or REL1_4, it does happen on the wikimedia
sites though.

puzzlet wrote:

I don't know this is related, but when you put <div> around an included template
which also quotes another template with more than one paragraph, an unexpected
<p> is inserted to the doubly embedded template.


gangleri wrote:

(In reply to comment #4)


url is [[ko:User:PuzzletChung/tmp/Bug_1878]] or

regards reinhardt [[user:gangleri]]

On Wiktionary I just ran into this problem but I thought
it was inserting a newline at the end rather than the
beginning, since edited article text including templates
always ends with a newline.

Oddly, on trying and failing to work around this with
<noinclude>, the resulting space disappeared after
reverting the failed fixes. I took this as proof of
inconsistent behaviour, which is even worse.

I am nearly sure this must be regression now, because it *used to* work properly and now I see the new line back again.

Raising the importance, as it causes issues in rendering and should be solved ASAP, please.