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Time selector on SpecialCentralNotice should use a standardized module
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This bug is similar to T38791, but the execution would be different.

The time picker on Special:CentralNotice should be replaced with some kind of a dedicated time picker widget. For date picking there's a the standard jQuery datepicker, but I couldn't find anything like this for picking time: Googling found a few jQuery add-ons, and there's also something in the SemanticFormsInputs extension.

(RTL because the current time picker shows the time in reverse in RTL.)

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Amire80 created this task.May 12 2012, 1:50 PM

Blocking instead of depending on bug 36794. Find a time picker that works well

  • not USA specific
  • no RTL bugs
  • implemented as a jQuery UI widget (so that the skin/theme is automatically correct)

.. and use it. Then core can include it later.

I think we have to write it :(, in which case it isn't a standard. But I think it's a simple enough problem.

Here are some more requirements:

  • integrates with jquery.ui.datepicker, in an API-compatible way such as passing the same params to datepicker, with the time filled in and nothing else changed.
  • has a minimized mode where only the time field is displayed (without buttons, etc)

And FWIW, we aren't being clear even in English. Labels should always appear with units and timezone. Explanatory text if necessary. For example, "Manage Campaigns" has a "Start Date" column, which should indicate "(UTC)".

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If CentralNotice's page is converted to OOjs UI, then it could use the DateTime widget. Which is already provided in MediaWiki core and supports date, time and date-time.!/api/mw.widgets.DateInputWidget

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@Krinkle: I'm confused. If DateInputWidget supports date-time, what is the purpose of the DateTimeInputWidget? Also, there doesn't seem to be any documentation about DateInputWidget supporting anything besides date (either on or

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