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RfC: Graphical configuration interface
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This is a request for comments for MediaWiki to have a sane and easy to use configuration interface through the wiki user interface. This RfC is based off a previous RfC and the Configure MediaWiki extension.


Many of the various MediaWiki settings should be adjustable by local administrators/bureaucrats without requiring sysadmin intervention. Additionally, this would make those configuration values public to all users without requiring the LocalSettings.php file being uploaded somewhere.


  • Overall goal: Site administrators should be able to configure various global settings via a web interface instead of editing a PHP file.
  • Performant: should not slow down the site
  • Backwards compatible: should work fine with existing code and extensions
  • Farm support: Work for both single-wiki installations and large farms like Wikimedia
  • Cross-wiki support: should be able to access another wiki's settings


There are three major steps in implementing this:

  1. An interface and internal API for accessing and setting various configuration options (see Accessing settings in RFC)
  2. An actual "configuration database"
  3. A graphical configuration interface

For details, see Graphical configuration interface in the wiki RfC.



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We will discuss this in next week's RFC meeting. I mentioned this on Skizzers's talk page, I don't see him on Phab or IRC.@Legoktm prior to the meeting you can make any revisions you want to the wiki page and/or this task.

I'm not sure it really makes sense to discuss this right now. Not much has changed since the last time, and I'm not going to have time to do the full overhaul of the RfC that I want to do in a week. I'd much rather re-discuss T88596: Improving extension management now that extension registration is a reality and we've started identifying the pain points of the new system.

@Legoktm T88596 is currently marked as "draft" on the TechCom-RFC board. Go ahead and move it to "under discussion" if you think it's ready for that. I suppose we could then schedule that instead of this one. @tstarling, what do you think?

I suppose we could then schedule that instead of this one. @tstarling, what do you think?


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