Make language names first letter lowercase where usual
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Make first letter of language names in Names.php lowercase where that is usual (e.g. Français -> français, but not for English, Nederlands, ...). Capitalisation is not wrong, but I'd want make it consistent with CLDR names, so we have one native name per language and not two (compare {{#language:code}} with {{#language:code|code}}).

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Reopening. This is being discussed here:

I have to agree that it's not clear to me how inconsistent capitalization in a list represents an improvement over the previous state. As you say, capitalization is not wrong, and it should depend on the context. If some words in a list are capitalized and others are not, that's just odd-looking. If you look at interlanguage links on any major site, I challenge you to find a list with mixed capitalization.

If this is about drawing from a single source, can we do the capitalization algorithmically while maintaining CLDR as a data source?

This bug was about the capitalization of language names *in general*

For the specific case of the interwiki sidebar, there is now bug 37705.

So I am closing this bug again, any discussion should be on 37705.

Submitted gerrit change 12553 for some Central and Eastern European languages.

saper added a comment.Jul 8 2012, 4:55 PM

Submitted gerrit change 14676 and gerrit change 14677 for more Eastern European and Central Asian languages (thanks to user:Comp1089)

saper added a comment.Jul 8 2012, 5:55 PM

And gerrit change 14681 for some languages from the Caucasus

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