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Article Feedback Links - Remove Options A and E links + Bucketing Issue
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Now that the Metrics stage 3 test is wrapping up, let's stop showing all Article Feedback links by default - namely Options A and E links. To be clear, we want to keep the code for these links in the extension, but we want to disable the bucketing that causes them to appear by default to users that fall in their buckets. Please continue to support the ability to request that they be shown via a URL, if that is easy to do.

Although prominent feedback link E brings 2x more posts, the community doesn’t like these prominent links and feedback quality is the same for prominent vs. no links. So we plan to start wider deployment without prominent links at first. However, we may want to re-introduce these links later if needed (e.g. for low-traffic pages that get too little feedback).

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reha wrote:

Fixed and submitted to gerrit:

Thanks, Reha.

Could we also make the forms be bucketed at 100% for option 1?

As you pointed out in email, *Links* have been changed to 100% X -- but *forms* are still bucketed as before at 33% each options 1, 4, and nothing.

We want 100% for option 1, going forward.

reha wrote:

Fixed and submitted to gerrit:

Roan Kattouw pushed this gerrit revision to en-wiki three hours ago (2pm PT):

However, I am not seeing the feedback form appear on any of my browsers, even after I re-cleared my cache.

To be clear, I expect the feedback form to appear at the bottom of the page to 100% of all users, instead of just 33% now. I do not expect to see any of the feedback links A or E to appear.

Can you reproduce this issue on your end? If so, what next steps do you recommend?